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April 2015

                      Neither Saturday's tornado warning, nor Sunday's unseasonable heat wave, diminished enthusiasm for IAC's first annual ITALIAN SPRING FESTA. Attendees came from as far away as Tallahassee and included past members, folks who found us for the first time, and City Councilman John Crescimbeni, who loves "all things Italian." Happy event goers agreed that the weekend event was a sensory delight.

The sights...

colors of the Italian flag branded in food dishes and souvenirs; mountains of sensuous desserts tempting diets and willpower; smiling faces decorated with tomato sauce and cheese :-) 

The sounds...

laughter erupting in the Kid Fun Zone; karaoke songs belted out by would-be American Idols; sausage sizzling on the outdoor grill; a single word on everyone's lips, "MANGIA."

      The tastes...

folks savoring homemade bakery delights; joyful introductions to sumptuous Italiano cuisine; 1000 meatballs, rolled by loving hands, to die for!

                             Festa was a true labor of love orchestrated by 100 volunteers, the youngest 10 years old, the oldest 94 years young. Kudos to Festa Chair Pete Carroll, POTIAC Mario, the Board and all the folks who donated time and talent to this event. The success of ITALIAN SPRING FESTA can be summed up in the words of a little boy making a reluctant exit, "I don't want to leave. This is more fun than Disney World!"    ~Lucy Cortese


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