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August 2015

                                                                              Dog Races

Twenty IAC folks listened intently for the announcement...."Here comes Rusty!" These words started each of the 15 greyhound races at the Orange Park Kennel Club. The betting and winning followed a buffet lunch and social gathering for our members. A private room was reserved for us in the clubhouse. The highlight of the event was meeting the winner of the 3rd race and another retired greyhound. Some lucky folks picked the fastest dogs and went home with their pockets full. Win or lose, everyone who attended the Day at the Races was a big winner!       ~ Lucy Cortese

Our members meeting a retired racing Greyhound.

If you have ever thought about adopting one of these beautiful "athletes" and give them a "furever" home, visit the Greyhounds as Pets of Northeast Florida for details. Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets. visit their Facebook page and make a fast friend!

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