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Did you ever wonder what your Italian name means?? We all know that our Italian names end in vowels, however did you know that most names that end in “O” , trace their roots to southern Italy, while vowels E and I, trace their roots to northern Italy?

Italian surnames developed from four major sources:

Patronymic Surnames - These last names are based on a parent's name. (Pietro Di Alberto- Peter, son of Albert)

Occupational Surnames- These last names are based on a person's trade or job. (Giovanni Contadino - John the farmer)

Descriptive Surnames - Based on a unique quality of the individual, these surnames often developed from a nickname or pet name. (Francesco Basso - Frank the short)

Geographical Surnames - These surnames are based on a persons residence, usually a former residence. ( Maria Romano - Mary from Rome.)

If you would like, we will help research your name, where your Italian family came from and perhaps their route to Ellis Island. We owe it to our ancestors that we don't forget them. Remember they left their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, so that we can call ourselves Americans.

Ciao, Vinny Russo

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